18. True Law NOT Legislation which is Fraud

1. For the Lawful “court” Jurisdiction Challenge in all British territories go to Jforjustice.net

2. For the rest of the world ‘Bullet Proof Jurisdiction Challenge Document’ against victimless so-called crimes bulletprooflaw.wordpress.com

3. For the lawful ‘Bullet Proof Loan Agreement Challenge Letter’ – all BAR countries including Britain bulletprooflaw.wordpress.com

NB: It’s definitely worth experimenting with both bullerprooflaw.com documents in non-BAR countries, because the principles are universal.

Also see a brilliant challenge to the lawfulness of worldwide central banking legal tender fraudinthelegalsystem.wordpress.com/2019/01/02/central-banking-legal-tender-fraud/

Even the Holy Koran points its readers to The Laws of God/Torah

King of kings’ Bible JAHTruth.net/kofk-free/Bible Holy Koran Adoration
32:23. We did indeed aforetime give The Book (The Torah) to Moses: be then NOT IN DOUBT of its (The Torah) reaching (THEE): and We made it a Guide to the Children of Israel. And more at JAHTruth.net/covt

The truth about the current British monarchy and the queen who never was JAHTruth.net/britmon

Complete Coronation Oath:


Sworn over the Coronation Bible.


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