45. GAZA – A Mini Test Case for Other Countries?


One of the primary goals of the American and European based New-World-Order Zionists, is the eventual destruction of the USA, and Gaza is, amongst other things, a mini testing ground for all the factors in and around the subjugation of a people.

See also: http://www.globalresearch.ca/gaza-israels-experiment-on-humans-in-situations-of-extreme-stress-and-deprivation/5597184#sthash.GqPEz6t4.gbpl

Hitler’s backers’ (the same people) goal was the destruction of Germany, and they obviously succeeded then, so why should THEY* abandon a formula that works. jforjustice.net/banksters.

*  The Hierarchy Enslaves You

And that destruction may probably now have become unavoidable, which will fulfill prophecy JAHTruth.net/horse.

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