54. Mega Fraudulent Debt-Slavery Mostly from Artificially Manufactured War

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President Eisenhauer warned the USA about the expansion of the “Military Industrial Complex”, in his last speech while in office, and lo and behold it has happened. It’s the biggest item in the national budget and is therefore the biggest contributor to the (fictitious) national debt. The Fed (privately owned actually) buys and sells government’s Treasury Loans (Bonds), with legal tender (which is fake) that it issues, to facilitate national Monetary Policy. This guarantees loans to the government, who approve military spending, which is triggered by false flag events, which are created by the Banksters (e.g. 911 Ripple Effect, Pearl Harbour, Bay of Tonkin, 77 Ripple Effect etc., etc.), so that they can eventually own everyone and everything via their fictitious debt, while reducing the world population to 500 million, to comply with their version of the 10 Commandments; on their “Georgia Guide Stones”. (All beautifully proven in this movie jforjustice.net/banksters)

The interest on the debt is more correctly known as usury, which is fraud, as is the the legal tender (falsely called money) which the Fed issues ‘out of thin air’; not silver and gold (coinage), which the Fed stole from you. Both scams contravene The Laws of God.

An excellent movie:  The Empire Files: ‘This Ship is Sinking’ Says Former Bush Official

The creators of these scams are The Illuminati, also known as the Council on Foreign Relations JAHTruth.net/illumin

You can find some effective tools to help you protect yourself against these scams here bulletprooflaw.wordpress.com

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