Russia’s Military Intervention Around the State of Israel – Trap to Lure USA & UK to Armageddon?

Israeli Bait

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The Ashkenazi banksters, and the Russians and the Israelies (95% of them) are descendents of Japheth, the youngest son of Noah, while the USA and UK are true Israel; descendents of Jacob, Abraham and Shem; the true S(h)emites (Shem the oldest son of Noah).

So it begs the question, what is really going on in the Middle East right now with Russia moving in? Is it a trap for the USA and UK, with the State of Israel being the bait? It fits the Armageddon prophecy

But if the sabre rattling between Russia and the State of Israel is more real* than it is theatre, then maybe it’s a case of, it taking one Japhethite to know how to deal with another; while dealing with the Semites at the same time; killing three birds with one stone so to say?

* Note Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s book ‘Two Hundred Years Together’ about the troubled relationship between the Ashkenazi/Khazarian (counterfeit) Jews and the Russians; with Judaism in christian Russia seeming to be a significant factor in the trouble and the memory of the Russian revolution where most of the Bolshevic leaders in it where those Jews. The book has only partly been translated into English due to the pressures to stop its full translation.

Some backing to support these ideas:

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