140. The Widespread Female Nudity & Exhibitionism has Led to the Increase in Rapes & Child-Molestation

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12:61 The Moslems consider the “so-called” christian-world to be decadent, and evil, and they are correct; although they themselves are far from good, with their religious arrogance and fanaticism, which allows them to be manipulated, very easily, by Satan, into murdering, and thinking that they are doing it in God’s name (John 16:2).
12:62 However, at least they have not had the AUDACITY, to make up their own laws, that totally CONFLICT with, and OPPOSE, God’s Laws, like the western-world has done. Satan has REALLY had success in the West, where people have not only had the AUDACITY, to make their own laws up, but have had the SUPREME AUDACITY, to make up laws, to say that, “ignorance of their laws (man’s own stupid, unjust laws) is NO excuse”. Just who do they think they are, that they THINK that they have the right, to not only make up their own laws/legislation, but then to say, that, if you break their (unlawful) laws, unknowingly, then you are guilty of a crime? How can you be guilty of breaking a law that is itself unlawful? When did they get God’s permission to make up their own laws? They didn’t (Deuteronomy 4:2 & 12:32). What incredible arrogance and stupidity!
12:63 There is a great difference, between ignorance of man’s laws/legislation, and ignorance of God’s Laws, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to be ignorant of GOD’S Laws. God tells each and every soul, what is right, and what is wrong, telepathically, BEFORE they DO anything wrong. Who tells you about unlawful man-made laws/legislation? Why do you all allow this injustice?
12:64 The majority, who are spineless-eunuchs, and who strain at a gnat (shout and complain about LITTLE things), and who swallow a camel (say NOTHING about BIG things – Matt. 23:24), have done exactly that, and have quietly accepted this gross-injustice, and thereby allowed “civilized (?)” society, to take away their God-given RIGHTS.
12:65 Satan has “used” women; just as he did in the Garden of Eden, and has continued to do, throughout history; to do evil and get the eunuchs, in western governments (Matt. 19:12 – 2nd. type of eunuch), to change God’s Laws, and give equality to women, most of whom are not REALLY women. There is nothing feminine about them. They are trying to be men, in women’s bodies, without having EARNED their RIGHT to be men.
12:66 Then, once having infiltrated women, amongst men in power, and having given them a say, in the running of things, Satan has used them to change more Laws. This has brought about the break- down of the family-unit, which has always been the foundation of a good society, and, because of their having no “code of honour”, and generally being moral-less, they have made a sick-joke of the institute of marriage, and are using sex, to try to rule the world (for Satan).
12:67 The next step, was to get the eunuchs and homosexuals/sodomites in government, to make sodomy legal, and, with that, came queer liberation, which, combined with women’s liberation, and the general emasculation of men, has brought about an almost total, and complete reversal of GOD’S order of things. The world, now, instead of learning to be good, and advancing towards being like Jesus; with women learning to be perfect women, so that they can eventually EARN their right to become men; is now going BACKWARDS, with the castration (metaphorically) of men (Deuteronomy 23:1), and their emasculation, and men going BACKWARDS, reverting to being women.
12:68 The western-world has not only OPENED Pandora’s Box; it has taken the lid right off it, and the world is not just going backwards; it is accelerating every second.
12:69 The world; just like in the times of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah; is rushing headlong to its own destruction, on the Last-Day, except that, THIS TIME, there will be NO MORE SECOND CHANCES. You have already had thousands of years, and millions of chances to get it right, and you are still here.
12:70 On the Last-Day, the women’s liberationists, the homosexuals/sodomites, and ANYONE who teaches organized-religion, will be in the most danger, and first into “The Fire”.
12:71 The Moslems are far from perfect, and, because of their religious arrogance, have refused to accept that The Torah, and New Testament, are to be used, and read as an introduction, and the first 2/3 of God’s Book, leading to the Koran, which is the Last Testament 1/3 of God’s Book, and are consequently running in circles, heading for “The Fire”.
12:72 They quite rightly resent the West’s influence on their women, and the disorder and evil that it brings with it.
12:73 Even though they do not know, or understand, the reasons why, they accept that God knows best, and have tried to keep to God’s Laws, instead of having had the AUDACITY to change, and reverse them.
12:74 The changing of God’s Laws, and the perverting of God’s Plans, has brought with it, its own punishment, with the breakdown of discipline, respect and order.
12:75 The widespread public display of female nudity, and exhibitionism, has brought out the base animal instincts in some men, and, with that, has come a rise in the number of rapes, and cases of child molesting, and women are reaping the consequences of what they have been sowing. Unfortunately, innocent children are also suffering.
12:76 The reason; that there has been a rise, in the number of cases of child-molesting; is that little girls are the only ones left who are actually feminine, in contrast to the man-like women’s libbers. As the situation worsens; with girls becoming affected by liberation, at an ever-increasingly younger age; so the ages at which they get molested becomes younger, as the rapist is forced to look for femininity, in a younger age-group. In the rapist’s tormented (by Satan) mentality, he is also re- asserting his lost masculinity, to himself; although it is only very temporarily; and even a staunch “women’s libber” loses her manliness, in a rape-situation, and becomes frightened and submissive, and therefore more feminine; in a twisted mental power-struggle.
12:77 Women have brought this on themselves – Divine Justice – Karma – cause and effect – just desserts. When you REFUSE to obey God, you bring evil upon yourself (Honi soit qui mal y pense).
12:78 Legalizing homosexuality/sodomy has, naturally, brought about an increase in the molesting of little boys.
12:79 Along with all this emasculation of mankind, and women’s effect on things; by allowing themselves to be used UNWITTINGLY, by Satan, to get God’s Laws changed; capital and corporal punishment have been abolished, in many countries, which has brought about a further perversion of God’s Plans.
12:80 God created the bodies, so that He would be able to punish, and discipline the souls/Beings, and people have reversed that, by abolishing the punishing of the body, and have gone to Satan’s standard – money.

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