149. Men’s Crime – Loving women (sex) 1st and God (good) 2nd

The Way home or face The Fire by JAH thewayhomeorfacethefire.net

4:19 In the Garden of Eden there was no work, only learning: everything else was provided by God. 4:20 Woman (Eve) created work, by listening to Satan, and has been doing so ever since.
4:21 God’s first COMMANDment (it is the first, because it is the MOST important) states that YOU must love God, first, above and beyond EVERYTHING else, and love Him with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength (every ounce of it – Mark 12:30), and Him ONLY shall you serve (Matt. 4:10).
4:22 Adam started a tradition, that has survived for thousands of years, which is:- loving woman first, and God (good) second, thereby breaking the first and most important COMMANDment, upon which all the others hang.
4:23 This has caused, and still is causing, most of the trouble in the world, and God will allow women to continue punishing men, with heart-ache, etc., until man learns to put God (pure love) first, and woman (sex) second, or he runs out of time: whichever comes first.
4:24 Man must learn to DO God’s Will, and not woman’s will, which is often actually Satan’s will (he manipulates the souls, that are locked inside women’s bodies, to pull the souls locked-inside men’s bodies back to earth, and keep them here in prison), or the world will continue to accelerate in a backwards direction (Amos 4:1 & Isaiah 3:12-24).
4:25 Women persuade men to do evil for them, for sex, which can mean cheating-on, or leaving their wives and families; killing; stealing; fighting; or working themselves to death, just to buy worldly, and therefore temporary treasures for them. To quote the “Picture of Dorian Gray”, by Oscar Wilde, referring to women, as spoken by a friend of Dorian: “They have got it; we want it; and people are making millions in between.” (Rev. 18:3-20).
4:26 Instead of doing these evil things, man should be learning to be like Jesus, and doing God’s Will, and should be working for God, by fighting against evil, wherever and whenever he finds it, for the benefit of all mankind, and, at the same time, he will be setting a good example, for others to follow, especially his children (Matt. 10:37-38)(Sura 9:23-24).