167. May The Force Be With You

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(Find all the referenced scriptures in the online King of kings’ Bible)

1:6 Prince Michael, God’s eldest son; known by many names here on Earth, one of which is Jesus/Saviour, Commander-in-Chief of the JEDI Knights, who have been the guardians of the heavens for zillions of years; fought with his knights, using the “Light” and “The Force”, which is the force of love. God, Who is pure love and the source and controller of His “Force”; love, the greatest force in creation; defeated Lucifer and his followers, some of whom were misled, by lies, into fighting against God.

3:14 You can ALWAYS win against injustice, with enough faith, as long as you talk to God, follow His orders and have 100% faith, because He will be with you, every step of the way. That does NOT mean that it will be easy, but then no-one said that life in prison would be easy. You will have to fight, every step of the way, but, with 100% faith, you can use “The Force”, to overcome ALL obstacles. When you are doing God’s Will for you, the ENTIRE world can not stop you from winning.

3:27 It may be simple, but it is not easy. You have to PROVE yourself, and fight for your right to go home, against all odds; but with 100% faith, “The Force” will be with you, always, to protect you every step of the way, provided that you do not LOSE your faith, in His protection.

3:90 Ask Him privately, with thoughts, not words, and listen for His reply in your mind. Also ask Him to revitalize your Holy-Spirit, and reinforce it. Ask Him to come inside you, and give you the strength, to be able to do His Will and overcome Satan, by teaching you how to use “The Force”.

3:152 NEVER under-estimate the POWER of “The FORCE of spiritual (Divine) love. It is the greatest and most powerful force, in the whole of creation.
3:153 It is also important, to understand the use of “The Force” of love, in respect of health.

6:34 The ability to destroy a planet (nuclear-weapons) is insignificant, compared to the power of “The Force”.
6:35 God does not need crude, nuclear-weapons. If He just THINKS it, everyone is dead. Who do you think decides, when a person’s body will die, and then makes it happen?

8:82 Jesus also taught about the laws of Karma, with what he said to all the blind, crippled or sick people that he healed, using “The Force”. He said that because of their faith, right then, at that moment in time, their sins were forgiven them, and to GO AND SIN NO MORE. This was NOT referring to the sins of the present-lifetime that they were living. They had been very sinful; evil; arrogant and selfish, in their previous-lifetime, and so they had been locked-inside bodies that were born crippled, or blind, etc., to punish them for the evil, and harm, that they had done to others, in their previous- lifetime (John 9:2). Being blind, or crippled, etc., would not only punish them, but also teach them HUMILITY, being now dependent upon the charity of other people; perhaps even the same people they had hurt – ironic? – Divine Justice.

8:90 Jesus used “The Force” to work the miracles in the New Covenant. When you have “blind faith”; which does not really mean blind, it means 100% (total) faith in God, with your eyes (human and spiritual) WIDE-open, to all the angles from which Satan can use people to attack you; you can then become a channel for “The Force”. If you do not have blind faith, you block the channel, and “The Force” can neither flow through you, nor into you, to heal you.
8:91 “The Force” came from God and flowed through Jesus, and he directed it, into the people who had unblocked-channels (blind faith), and “The Force” cured them. God, through Jesus, ONLY cured the people who had total faith that Jesus was His Son incarnated, and that he could cure them.
8:92 Your (100%) faith (in God’s power and in me) has made you whole, and your sins (from your previous-lifetime, which caused you to be blind; crippled or sick, as a punishment in this lifetime) are forgiven you. Go and sin no more (John 9:2).

Are YOUR channels unblocked yet?

8:93 Faith is the key to the “magic” door – the door to miracles, and a God-guided life, walking always in the Healing Light, and the entrance to the Kingdom of God, and the return of your IMMORTALITY; real memory; identity and super-human powers.
8:94 Samson used “The Force” to pull down the heathen temple; David’s stone was guided by “The Force” to kill Goliath; “The Force” parted the Red Sea; etc.; etc.; etc.

10:22 On the Last-Day, everyone shall be known by his mark (Sura 7:46), just as in John’s Revelation 14:9-11, and shall be judged according to his mark. Those who wear the mark of God, in their foreheads, i.e. communicating telepathically with Him, keeping the COMMANDMENTS, and also DOING His Will – blind faith and using the eyes of their soul (3rd. eye), and “The Force” – shall survive, and those who wear the mark of Satan, in their hands, i.e. money and worldly treasures, shall die in “The Fire”.

12:9 Christ would have to do everything the hard way, just to prove to people, that, with ENOUGH FAITH, it CAN be done, by following God’s orders, using “The Force”, in Satan’s territory, and show that, one man can move a MOUNTAIN of evil, anywhere in the world, WITHOUT being able to walk on water.

13:22 Become one of my gentle, but DETERMINED, soldiers (Jedi Knights); learn The Ways of “The Force”, and help me to put the world right.

13:36 Arthur pulled the Sword from the Stone, to become king of England, when he was just a weak, humble boy, after all the bravest, and strongest knights in the land, had failed. He didn’t use his own boyish strength, to pull the Sword from the Stone, God gave him “The Force”, because he had the right qualities, to teach the others. So He gave him the “magic” Sword, and the friendship of Merlin, the wise old magician. King Arthur taught humility; honour and equality, and built a round table, so that everyone was equal, and there was no head of the table. There being no head to the table, meant that there was no position of special merit, and that the knights were all equal. He united all the warring knights, into one brotherhood, and brought peace to England, as God had planned.

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