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105. THEY Needed the Federal Reserve Bank to Start All the Wars

Short link to this page: The Nazi Banksters’ Crimes Ripple Effect And: The privately owned – government-approved* – Federal Reserve Bank(sters) and its high-street banks create, by accounting book entries**, legal (legislation) tender, way in excess of the available Bible*** and constitution****-approved silver and gold: real money. *1913 Federal Reserve Act. **3-5% thereof […]

96. “You Have to Pay to Live on the Planet You were Born On?!?”

You Short link to this page: Movie: Nazi Banksters’ Crimes Ripple Effect The mind-boggling extent of our slavery Actually the quote is of an Andromedan to Alex Collier: from an interview with him on youtube, while the picture is a likeness of Semyase: a Pleiadian who interacted with Billy Eduard Albert Meier. […]

72. Fractional Reserve Banking – Smoke & Mirrors to Steal Your Silver & Gold Coinage

Short link to this page: Who cares how the banksters’ ( complicated Fractional Reserve Banking system works. It’s all to conceal the fact that you have got the worthless fraudulent legal tender while they have your silver and gold money. Very simple. And it’s much easier for them to apply their fraudulent usury/interest in […]

58. Busi(y)ness – Being Under Satan’s Yoke / Ness

Short link to this page: If satan can keep everyone very occupied with propping up his evil (beast) system, then they will have no time to think how they are being conned, and he can get them to poison, consume and work themselves (and the planet) to death; aided and abetted by his criminal […]

55. Central Banks / Federal Reserve – Giant Fraud

Short link to this page: See who they are and how they operate and where they fit into the scheme: The Illuminati & Council on Foreign Relations / One-World-Government Conspiracy & Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion This brilliant movie shows who they are and how they operate – Nazi Banksters’ Crimes Ripple […]

54. Mega Fraudulent Debt-Slavery Mostly from Artificially Manufactured War

Short link to this page: President Eisenhauer warned the USA about the expansion of the “Military Industrial Complex”, in his last speech while in office, and lo and behold it has happened. It’s the biggest item in the national budget and is therefore the biggest contributor to the (fictitious) national debt. The Fed (privately […]

47. Interest/Usury – The Real Cause of Inflation & Speculation

Short link to this page: The two bottom line bankster financial crimes, which cause price instability, are: (i) The theft of everyone’s silver and gold money (coinage) and the replacement of it with fake legal tender. Silver and gold facilitate convenient, accurate and fair barter, and (ii) The imposition of usury / interest […]