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107. Hollyweird: evil/lies mixed into the good/truth – to poison the soul

The Truth of All Things on Planet Earth JAHTruth.net Where you will learn the simple truth behind the Garden of Eden story. Advertisements

91. Even Older Than The Oldest Profession

Short link to this page: http://wp.me/p4CUXT-Yg The Only Survival Plan JAHTruth.net/wayad The Way home or face The Fire. Chapter 4. “The First Test and regression to following Lucifer.” thewayhomeorfacethefire.net 4:40 Having failed the first, very simple test, Adam and Eve were expelled from the security of the Garden of Eden. 4:41 If they had obeyed […]

81. A Few Bad (Eden) Apples Spoil the Whole World

Short link to this page: http://wp.me/p4CUXT-Oq The Only Survival Plan JAHTruth.net/wayad King of kings’ Bible Genesis 2:16 And the “I AM” God COMMANDED the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: 2:17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good (Truth) and evil (lies), thou shalt not eat of […]

49. New York – The Big (Eden) Apple!

Short link to this page: http://wp.me/p4CUXT-e6 New York is even called The Big Apple; an example-proof of the ongoing Garden of Eden error. The Way home or face The Fire True Feminism https://truefeminists.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-taming-of-shrew.html    

43. Adam’s Apple’s in His Neck!

Short link to this page: http://wp.me/p4CUXT-u The meaning of life explained here JAHTruth.net/wayad The fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.      

30. The Massive Garden of Eden Error-Apple Today

Short link to this page: http://wp.me/p4CUXT-1t The head of the BAR Association (British Accreditation Registry), and therefore the head of law across all current and former Commonwealth countries, broke her Oath in which she “promised” to “maintain The Laws of God … to the utmost of her power”. She has maintained legislation instead, in direct […]

1. Eve Two Sins – Adam One (Big?)

Short link to this page: http://wp.me/p4CUXT-r The Garden of Eden error still happening all day everywhere in the war of the sexes, while the big one is leading everyone to their destruction. King of kings’ Bible JAHTruth.net/kofk-free/Bible Genesis 3:11 And He said, Who told thee that thou [wast] naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, […]