55. Central Banks / Federal Reserve – Giant Fraud

Central Bank

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See who they are and how they operate and where they fit into the scheme:

The Illuminati & Council on Foreign Relations / One-World-Government Conspiracy & Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion JAHTruth.net/illumin

This brilliant movie shows who they are and how they operate – Nazi Banksters’ Crimes Ripple Effect jforjustice.net/banksters

Monetary Policy & Fractional Reserve Banking Briefly Explained

The central banks/Federal Reserves create worthless legal tender (which is not money*), which they use to purchase government Treasury Bonds (effectively loans to the government), as part of their expansionary [sic] ‘monetary policy’, which the government deposits into its accounts in the banking system, effectively increasing ‘legal tender’ supply in that system. When they wish to drain the banking system of ‘legal tender’,  they sell those Treasury Bonds in the financial market to soak legal tender out of the banking system, while the government sits with the debt (taxpayers pay for), which is now about $18 trillion in the USA; obviously having spent it on things that they did not need, while fraudulent interest/usury gets added to it daily, making the USA technically** one of the poorest nations in the world! (when you net the debt off against the wealth).

Most (80%-90%) of the legal tender deposits in the banking system is available to be lent out to borrowers, whose purchases, with that legal tender are then deposited by the sellers back into the banking system, 80% – 90% of which is again available to borrowers, and so forth, which is known as the Fractional Reserve Banking System.

* Real money is silver and gold coinage, which the banksters have stolen e.g. the latest theft being during the Ukraine coup

** Technically, because the debt is fraud and therefore does not exist and therefore can easily be cancelled.

Some supporting evidence:

PROPOSED DECLARATION of War against Rothschild* Khazarian Mafia http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/05/08/proposed-declaration-of-war-against-the-rothschild-khazarian-mafia/  * The Rothschilds own all the central banks

How They Control the World http://henrymakow.com/how_to_control_the_world.html

The Pentagon’s Dirty Secret http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/10/17/the-pentagons-biggest-dirty-secret/

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